The annual Hui-a-tau for Maori Touch NZ Nationals. The AGM will be held.

Please send representatives to the Hui-a-tau. confirm attendance

Minutes from 2010 Hui-a-tau

Acknowledgement of Gerard Ngawati and his contribution to Maori Touch NZ. Gerard's daughters attended to support Carol, and to offer their help for the hui-a-tau planning.

1. Review of MTNZ Business Plan 2009 - 2014

This is available on request (we haven't worked out how to attach to this page). This plan was formulated at the 2008 Hui-a-tau. Gerard formulated the Business Plan.

A brief outline of the discussion;

The Maori Touch Nationals have become so well attended that the capacity of Maori Touch NZ to provide a well-run and safe tournament becomes compromised with too many teams. The discussion centred around ensuring Maori Touch NZ lead being kaupapa driven. Maori Touch NZ is not about individuals, its about the Iwi, Waka, Rohe they represent. The need to actively promote Kaumatua support and guidance to rohe to ensure the balance between 'Touch' and 'Maori practices and protocols' are enhanced at all levels.

The kaupapa of Maori Touch NZ is participation in all facets of the tournament;

- representation at Hui-a-tau

- representation at Rohe Hui

- participation at pohiri, powhakangahau (cultural evening)

- acknowledgement at Prize-giving of rohe winners/selected teams.

Recommendations for improvement at Maori Touch Nationals (all will discussed at the Rohe hui at the Maori Nationals)


  • Tournament staff briefing for consistency (Tournament Directors, Tournament Staff, Referee Directors, Selectors Director)
  • Rohe Hui - Kaumatua identifed to speak at Pohiri.
  • Tournament Manual produced for all rohe with expectations of tikanga, behavioural, kaupapa, participation.
  • Po-whakangahau - all rohe to be present. Encourage hapu/Iwi groups to join to support each other.
  • Introduce a taonga for Po-whakangahau.
  • Sunday - in the break have tamariki games/ and activities during the weekend. Make contact with Sport Waikato Kaiwhakahaere to scope options.
  • At Prize-giving - encourage Te Reo Maori in prize-giving and encourage tautoko.
A Guideline for Grades 
- limit the number of teams per grade for 2011
Under 16 - girls and boys 8 per grade
Under 21's - 8 per grade
Open Men's - 10 per grade
Mixed and Women's 8 per grade.

Total Team numbers capped at 74

- monitoring of grade entries will be important. As the grades vary each year there will be flexibility. The numbers as a guideline only. In the case of entries over this amount
- At the closing date for entries if the tournament entries are over the 'safe' allocation of numbers - entries to the over prescribed grades will be decided by the Tournament/Executive based on which rohe/team supports the kaupapa.



- The pressures on referees as the team numbers increase and the expectations of referees to attend the Secondary Schools Nationals the following weekend has meant some hard decisions need to be made.

2010 but in place by 2011

- All under 16 Teams to provide a compulsory Referee for each team (not one of the Tournament Referees) They will ref each of their teams games in dual with the other teams ref.

- 2010 will trial (volunteer rohe)

- need a recruiting drive and plan for referees. Also sponsorship be sourced for Referees.

The under 16 refs can borrow a uniform from the Referee Panel, have their own accommodation with their team. Finals for Sunday will be allocated Referees from the Tournament.

AGM Minutes to follow.

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