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Māori Touch NZ is a Māori Sport Organisation growing Māori participation in the game of Touch in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Established in 1998, Māori Touch NZ has held successful national tournaments for the past ten years where teams are selected to represent Māori in international competition. From a historical perspective, Māori Touch NZ teams participated at the following events,

  • South Pacific International Touch Series (SPIT) held in Waitakere City, Auckland NZ in 1997.
  • Inaugural Youth Touch World Cup held in Manukau City, Auckland NZ in 2001.
  • All Nations Touch Tournament held in Christchurch, NZ in 2005.
  • Inaugural World Indigenous Touch tournament, Waitakere CIty NZ in 2008.
  • World Indigenous Touch Tournament, Rotorua, NZ in 2010

Our News page will keep you informed about events and what is happening with key Māori Touch organisations representing Iwi, Hapū, Waka and Takiwa around the Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Māori Touch NZ sit under the umbrella of the parent organisation, the National Māori Touch Trust, a legal entity formed in 1998. The National Māori Touch Trust was established at an inaugural meeting through mandate from Iwi (tribal), hapu (sub tribal), waka (ancestral canoe) and takiwa (regional boundary) representation from throughout Aotearoa.

The purpose of the Trust is to support the aspirations of individuals, whānau (families), hapu (sub tribal), iwi (tribal) and urban Māori and to empower and strengthen Māori in tikanga (traditional protocols and practices), te reo (language), whanaungatanga (relationships) and hauora (health) through the game of touch.

The Trust operates under the guiding principals of,

  • Mana: The authority of the National Māori Touch Trust over all resources (tangible and intangible) handed down or acquired through processes and agreements consistent with the Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi).
  • Rangatiratanga: National Māori Touch Trust self determination.
  • Oritenga: Creating provisions for learning, power sharing and success for all including those who have lacked these opportunities.
  • Maramatanga: Advancement, dissemination and maintenance of knowledge.
  • Kaitiakitanga: National Māori Touch Trust custodianship of the kaupapa (strategy direction).
  • Whakapapa: Māori descent through whakapapa (genealogy).

Trust Members

The National Māori Touch Trust consists of,

Chair & Trustee: Carol Ngawati

TRUSTEES:  Te Rama Broughton-Winterburn, Finney Davis, Maahia Nathan, Manu Soloman (Te Arawa), Kim Watson-Tanga (Te Arawa), Darkie Reedy (Mataatua), Sue Panapa Ngati Whatua, Andrew Timoti (Mataatua / Referees Sector), Richard Anderson


Māori Touch NZ consists of an executive charged with achieving the Trusts outcomes. These include,

  • Holding an annual Māori Touch NZ National Touch Tournament.
  • Selecting national teams to represent Māori Touch NZ at international competition.
  • Support the development of Māori touch organisations that represent iwi, hapu, waka and takiwa throughout Aotearoa.
  • Support the participation and development of Māori in the sport of touch.


Māori Touch NZ executive

Carol Ngawati (Chair), Carol Ngawati (Treasurer), Andrew Timoti (Referee Director), Richard Anderson (Tournament Director), Sue Panapa (National Co-ordinator).


Account details

Bank: ASB
Account Name: National Maori Touch Trust
Account Number: 123083-0315633-00

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